The Italian-made AQUA SCOOTER gasoline engine is reliable, powerful, easy to use and user-friendly, no special license is required for using it.

The AQUA SCOOTER is a family-fun product suitable for swimmers and divers of all ages, made using advanced materials which contribute to its high reliability, longevity and durability in fresh and salt water.

The AQUA SCOOTER is a unique product, so ingenious that it was issued a worldwide patent.

Whoever tries it is immidiately swept away by the magic and falls in-love with it, here is the reason why:

Its agile - the AQUA SCOOTER will take you magical lagoons, dive sites and exotical riffs with incredible ease, effortlessly and with great pleasure doing so.

With the AQUA SCOOTER you are always in direct contact with the water, It leads you among the various water streams, fun and fast - you and the water are now one.

Its economical - two liters of fuel will be sufficient for up to three hours of continues operation.

Its safe, easy to carry, easy to store and weighs only 7kg! It can be used as an outboard engine for boats (accessory required and sold separately).


In the rare occasion that you lose it on water, it will continue to spin around in a wide circle until you catch it again.

The AQUA SCOOTER has a special wide range of accessories that make it so versatile for any usage:

  • The Mattress - connects to AQUA SCOOTER and can carry the user conveniently and quickly.
  • Steering Rod Fitting - a special made mount for connecting the AQUA SCOOTER to any boat with transom.
  • Special carry bag to keep your AQUA SCOOTER, accessories, tools and oils in one place.

The AQUA SCOOTER takes your ordinary beach retreat to a whole new level, you can now explore, cruise and dive farther with style! It brings an exciting new aspect for your next vacation for you and your family. You will never want to leave home without it!



Special Price: 899$  Instead of 989$